Dessert Tables

Whether you are planning a stylish event, a corporate event, a wedding or any other special occasion, Sugar Fashionista couture dessert tables will bring a sweet element to your celebration that your guests will never forget.

We specializes in creative and tasteful custom dessert bars that will stand out. We work one-on-one with you to customize the table to your specifications including color scheme and party theme. Our goal is to create a tailored design that reflects the overall aesthetic of your event and we will provide everything you need to really WOW your guests.

In order to better serve our clients, we offer two packages: the All-inclusive Full Design and the Partial “BYOD” Design. In the all-inclusive full design package, we offer a full scale service that includes the design, rentals, décor, and the actual desserts. With the partial “BYOD” design package, we offer a scaled service where we have the same service as the all-inclusive but the customer provides their own desserts instead.

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Austin, Texas