Frequently Asked Questions



~ How much does a wedding cake cost?


The total cost of a cake depends on various factors, such as – servings needed, decoration details, cake flavor, and /or filling, type of icing and delivery.  Our wedding cakes start at $225. Keep your cake budget in mind when selecting a design and/or flavors. 


~ Is there a minimum serving count for a wedding cake order from your shop?


The smallest wedding cake size we offer is 75 servings (3-tier). 


~ How far in advance do I need to book my wedding cake?  


The sooner the better! Since space is limited, we recommend that you book your cake as soon as your date and reception site have been secured. Because of the custom nature of our business we encourage you to book at least four (4) weeks in advance.


~ Do we sign a contract and pay a deposit?


To secure and confirm a wedding cake order, a 50% deposit and contract are required. Remaining balance must be received at least 3 weeks before delivery date. Unfortunately, we cannot hold a date without a deposit. If payment has not been received, we reserve the right to give the date to another client.   


~ What forms of payment do you accept? 


At this time we accept cash, check and credit cards (VISA and MasterCard - credit or debit) only. All checks needs to be payable to SUGAR FASHIONISTA. You can also request a PayPal invoice as well.


~ Is there a delivery charge?  

Delivery & set-up charges start at $50.00 and are based on venue’s physical address. Additional services are subject to other surcharges (e.g., sales tax, service charge, staff) in addition to delivery fee if applicable.


~ Can I pickup my cake?  

No, unfortunately our cakes must be delivered by us. 


~ How much cake should I order?

Normally a good rule of thumb is “total number of guests x 1.5 = total # of servings. Keep your cake budget and total number guests in mind when selecting a wedding cake option for you.


~ What are kitchen cakes?

A kitchen cake is minimally decorated and has the same flavor and filling as the wedding cake, but is served from the kitchen instead, as the caterers cut it during the meal. It is then served alongside the “real” wedding cake. Kitchen cakes are only available when a tiered bridal cake is not enough.  Not available with orders less 100 servings.


~ How big is a serving size of wedding cake? 


Servings are industry-standardized sizes of 1 ½ inch wide. Final outcome of servings depends on the experience of cake cutter and sharpness of cutting utensils. 


~ Who cuts the cake? 

Check with your caterer or venue, some of them will provide this service free of charge while others charge a small fee. 


~ Can I make changes after I order the cake? 

Changes in size, flavors and decorations can be made up to four weeks before the wedding.  A lot of planning and purchasing of supplies and equipment go into preparing for your cake. We are not able to make any changes to the final order after the four-week deadline.  If changes are significant an amendment to contract or new contract will be necessary. 


~ How much do you charge for a Wedding Cake Consultation and Tasting? 


Please give us a call at 512-520-0993 or email to schedule a consultation. There will be a $30 fee for the cake tasting and consultation, which includes up to three combination of cake flavors. If you choose us to be your wedding cake, the $30 fee will be credited towards the final price of your order. Consultations are by appointment only. 


~ How many friends and/or family members can I bring to the cake tasting appointment?

Our office space is limited so we can accommodate up to four people only.  


~ If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at