Vanessa Marty

Event Manager  / Co-Owner

Vanessa Marty, M.B.A.


Event Stylist - Co-owner

Vanessa's background in hospitality allows her to create the best experience for their clients’ special events. Not only she is bilingual, multi-tasking, detail oriented and creative, but her educational background as well as her professional interests provide her with both the skills and motivation to effectively perform a job which is event related. Her abilities complement those of Sugar Fashionista co-owner Beatriz and together they bring unparalleled service and positivity to their work.

In 2000, she earned a B.A. degree in Hotel and Restaurant Administration. After extensive exposure to different elements within the hospitality field, her true passion for meetings and event planning surfaced. Interested in expanding her knowledge within management field, in 2005, she graduated and obtained a Master in Business Administration. ​

On summer 2010, Vanessa earned a certificate in Event Management from The George Washington University where she furthered gained her knowledge and understanding of meetings, event planning and the food and beverage segment, which gave her a solid foundation and understanding of the special events industry.

Vanessa is married and has three lovely children. In her free time she enjoys dancing, going to the movies, traveling and learning about other cultures. There are two quotes that have become important guides in her professional life and goals, and they are as follows: “Nobody can be successful unless he loves his work." (David Sarnoff) and "Follow your passion, and success will follow you.”(Arthur Buddhold).

Beatriz Gamboa-Marty


Event Stylist - Co-owner

Beatriz cultivated her passion for the art of pastry as a child in her grandmother's kitchen. Her best memories from her childhood were at the same kitchen between eggs, sugar and flour and beautiful vintage cake stands from her grandmother's collection. After many years of working in public relations and marketing for diverse industries such as finance, media and music, she began her culinary career in Los Angeles, CA where she studied with Pastry Chef Andrew Feldman.

She also learned the art of wedding catering by the hand of Chef Chiosato Bell where she earned her catering stripes working in the production of hundreds of weddings and corporate events. Following, Bea became the Chief Chocolatier and Operation Manager of XOCOLATERRE®, a gourmet chocolate company in L.A. that uses exclusively fair-trade organic chocolate from Africa and the Caribbean. While serving in that position, she developed flavors and fillings for their exclusive chocolate lines and also was in charge of overseeing all operations inside the chocolate making facility.

Her passion in life is scavenging flea markets, thrift stores, antique fairs, antique stores, etc., in search for the beautiful and charming pieces to add to our collections and display at your next dessert table! Bea’s attention to detail gives her the ability to create the perfect dessert table for each client Her abilities complement those of Sugar Fashionista co-owner Vanessa and together they bring unparalleled service and positivity to their work.

She lives in Austin, TX with her husband and her Dalmatian dogs Tito and Chloé. She is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys kayaking, camping and traveling. She loves living in a city where water is plentiful.

Beatriz Gamboa-Marty